Get Listed on MEXC crypto exchange Subsequent to BitMart Launching!

CCT procures the listing rights on MEXC international crypto exchange. It is the second CCT’s listing subsequent to launching of the BitMart. The listing followed through the contest that hosted by MEXC Kickstarter. On the other hand, CCT or Carbon Credit Token, the project of digital climate which offer access to regulated of the carbon credit industry with the blockchain technology. MEXC crypto exchange has procured of listing of the rights. It simply marks listing of second exchange platform of CCT in previous three months subsequent the debut of token in March on the BitMart.

MEXC crypto exchange and Crypto Exchange!

On the other hand, $CCT and USDC will also list as the spot trading pair available in Innovation Zone. It known as first crypto which collateralized by EUA also know as European Union Allowance. CCT also aims to simply empower consumers & businesses that could not otherwise access the regulated carbon credits for contributing to the maintainable future.

The MEXC crypto exchange listing is mainly the result of the Trading Contest which well initiated by the Carbon Credit for generating votes. This contest has also experience as highest rates of participation among best10 projects which conducted through MEXC Kickstarter. This has attained more than 26.9 of the million MX tokens and votes for CCT. Hereby, speaking to get listed with the MEXC Global.

With goal to attain the global emission of net-zero carbon, we have also turned for blockchain technology. It is mainly to open up market of European carbon. As it just collateralized crypto which backed by largest carbon market of world. The blockchain technology of CCT leverages for the purpose of promoting the action-based solution for achieving international climate goals through the year 2050. MEXC crypto exchange aims to attain the new batch of EUA or European Union Allowance about every 3 months.

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